Tango with a Twist


For most people, the word “tango” conjures up Hollywood style images of brooding men and sultry women striding defiantly, with their arms outstretched, across the floor. But Sydney tango teacher, Anne-Maree and her gay and lesbian dance students are not most people and the tango is a very misunderstood dance… 

Tango with a Twist charts the transformative journeys of four gays and lesbians as they dance their way towards self-discovery on a whirlwind tango tour that takes them from Sydney to Buenos Aires, Argentina and back.

We first meet Blinky, Phillip, Sally and Liz in Anne-Maree’s quirky studio above Oxford Street where they are grappling with the elementals of the dance in her weekly same-sex class.

Here we discover that the real Argentine tango is very different to the cliché.

It is an intimate, conversational dance that is based on a strong feeling of connection which allow both partners to “become one” as Anne-Maree puts it. 

For 34-year-old Phillip, dancing with men is providing the safe haven he needs to get used to his new life as a single gay man. After thirteen years of marriage he’s keen to open his arms and his heart and try out some new steps…

Liz’s love life is confusing to say the least but if there’s one thing she hates, it’s being “put in a box” by society and the tango is the perfect vehicle for her to express her individuality. 

Blinky’s two passions are dancing and sewing. His “inner child is a girl” but his beard is decidedly macho. He is desperate to prove that two men can dance the romance of tango but has difficulty finding Mr Right in real life.

Sally has been stuck in a suffocating long-term relationship but now that its ended, she’s hungry for life and the tango tour to Buenos Aires is her ticket to passionate adventure.

As the group explore the Latin culture of Argentina and the old world tango venues of Buenos Aires, they also push up against their limits and confront their own fears, each secretly yearning to be swept up in an intimate “tango moment” where two hearts become one… 

Back in Sydney, the subtle but profound effects of the trip ripple through the lives of all of our characters. They may never be great dancers, but the tango has gently led them to a deeper knowledge of themselves and a fuller appreciation of life.

Laced with humour and joie de vivre, Tango with a Twist is an ode to the world’s most romantic dance and an intimate window into the lives of the unconventional people who have fallen under its spell.

The theme of connection is universal and the beauty of the dance transcends sexuality.



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